Our native seedlings greenhouse was destroyed by a "bomb cyclone"

We need help to rebuild it.

Make a donation!

For every R$2 donated, a new seedling will be produced.

For every R$2 DONATED BY YOU, we produce a new seedling!

As a way of thanking all donors, Apremavi will produce up to 27,500 seedlings for the fundraising campaign to rebuild the greenhouse at the Jardim das Florestas Nursery.

The seedlings produced trough this campaign can be picked up by donors directly at the nursery until November 30, 2020 – according to the amount donated (1 seed for each R$2.00). Unclaimed seedlings will be used in restoration projects carried out by Apremavi.

R$ 48.174,97



* Data updated as of July 29, 2020.


new seedlings

The bomb cyclone

On the afternoon of July 30, 2020, southern Brazil was hit by a bomb cyclone. One of the affected counties was Atalanta, where Apremavi’s headquarters and greenhouse nursery is located.

Atalanta has suffered from other extreme weather events, however, there is no doubt that this cyclone is an unprecedented event for leaving marks of destruction in practically the entire state of Santa Catarina and is related to climate change.

The cyclone hit Apremavi headquarters and destroyed the greenhouse nursery structures. The greenhouse had been opened in April 2019. In addition, the Jardim das Florestas Environmental Center also had broken glass due to the strong gusts of wind that also tore down trees.

The reconstruction budget is R$55.000

  • All donations will be used to repair the structures of the Jardim das Florestas Nursery and fix the broken glass at the Environmental Center.
  • The donors’ names will be printed on a plaque that will be posted in the greenhouse. Donors who wish to remain anonymous, please send an email to administrativo@apremavi.org.br.


Via bank transfer

You can make a separate donation via bank transfer directly to our account:

Banco do Brasil
Routing Number: 0276-3
Account: 27.347-3

CNPJ: 79.355.269/0001-40

* To help us identify your donation, send the receipt by email (info@apremavi.org.br) or by WhatsApp (47 988557323).

Via PayPal

You can make a donation via PayPal. It is simple, fast and secure. To donate, click HERE.


We appreciate Apremavi’s dedication to preserving and restoring the Atlantic Forest.

Daniel Tórmena

I was stirred by the destruction of the greenhouse at Apremavi and donated because I know that their work is serious and makes a difference. Recovering forests is the most important thing to face the climate crisis.

Elizabeth Martha

Success with this campaign my friends! I am broadcasting the link to everyone in my network. Together we rise!

Enaylle Silva

Apremavi is life, is water, is oxygen. Their work is fundamental for us and that is why is so important to donate for this campaign.

Margarete Cecconi

Even with the greenhouse destroyed, the production of seedlings has not stopped because we understand that planting trees is the best solution available today to fight climate change

The Jardim das Florestas Nursery

Located in Atalanta (SC), the Jardim das Florestas Nursery is one of the largest nurseries in the southern region of Brazil, with a capacity to produce around 1 million seedlings per year of up to 200 different native species of the Atlantic Forest.

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