Help us produce more trees to restore the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil

Why donate?

To help us produce more trees to restore the Atlantic Rainforest and make the World a better place for all of us

How donations are used

The donation of financial resources is of great importance for non-profit organizations like Apremavi. Your donation will help us produce more trees to restaore the Atlantic Rainforest in South Brazil.

What do we do with your money

  • First, we receive your money.
  • Our finnancial team will than check the reports of our tecnical team to decied where and when to spend your money.  
  • All donations are used to cover expenses related to any of the stages of the tree producing processes, such as collecting seeds, buying and mixing substract, watering trees, buying ellepot paper, growing seedlings, germinating seeds, and carrying out for all the process. 
  • Your donation also can be relocated to help other activities related to the Jardim das Florestas Tree Nursery, such as maintenance expenses or overheads costs.
  • If you are interested in helping us buy more land to plant the trees there are produced at our Nursery Tree, please send us an email (


Is there a minimal amount to donate?

We use Donorbox as our donation system. Donorbox requires a minimum amount of $3 for each donation, to discourage scmamers form testing stolen credit cards.

Where can I follow up my donation?

As a civil-society organization we share every year our Annual Report. We also share on Social Media photos of our daily activities, follow us!

Can I get a receipt of my donation?

Apremavi will send you an email with a letter confirming your donation. Unfortunately, we are not sure if this receive can be used as a TAX disclaimer.

Will Apremavi also plant trees?

Off course! Our main purpose is to plant more trees, but to do so, we need to produce more trees. All the trees produced at the Jardim das Florestas Tree Nursery will eventually be planted among one of the projects the we develop.

Planting Trees is the best Climate Change Solution available today

Our Story

The Association for the Preservation of Environment and Life (Apremavi) is a non-profit organization created in 1987.

Its headquarters are in Atalanta, South of Brazil, in a well structured Environmental Center located next to a Tree Nursery.

What We Do

Tree Nursery

The Jardim das Florestas Tree Nursery is one of the largest nurseries in southern Brazil, with the capacity to produce around one million seedlings per year of nearly 200 native species of the Atlantic Rainforest. The seedlings, produced in Ellepot, a system that uses a degradable paper package, are intended primarily to serve the ecological restoration projects, enriching forests mechanism and recovering degraded areas actions developed by Apremavi.

Environmental Center

The Jardim das Florestas Environmental Center houses Apremavi’s headquarters. As a green building that uses solar energy, reuses rainwater and is located in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest, the Center allows Apremavi to develop numerous educational activities and share knowledge for the conservation of biodiversity. Offering trails, a belvedere with a beautiful view of the Serra do Pitoco, cozy accommodation for up to 16 people, a library, meeting rooms, and audithorium, it supports Apremavi’s internship program and it is also a tourist attraction in the region.

Restoring and Monitoring the Forest

To help monitor restored areas, Apremavi created an Environmental Portal, an online platform developed using geographic data, remote sensing, satellite, drones and in situ images, among other means, to measure the progress and effectiveness of tree plantations. In addition to being a monitoring tool, the platform is also an instrument for public transparency allowing Apremavi’s partners, supporters, and staff to access data related to the restoration projects, such as information on methodologies and the number of tree species used in plantations, maps and sketches of properties, photos of project execution, etc.

Our Mission

Defend, preserve, and recover environment and cultural values, seeking sustainability in all dimensions and improving the quality of life in the Atlantic Rainforest and other biomes.

All Current Projects

Ongoing Projects

Interns & Volunteers

Trees planted


Species of Native Seedlings

Early Production at the Tree Nursery

A Letter from the Board

Planting trees and forests has been a daily routine in Apremavi’s life. In these years of activities, thousands and thousands of native tree seedlings were produced, planted by thousands of people, in hundreds of different cities.

Planting forests helps to improve the quality of life on the planet.

Most of the trees produced in the Jardim das Florestas nursery, when ready for planting, leave in solo flight in the hands of some landowner towards some area that needs to be restored, recovered, enriched or embellished.

Another part of the trees is planted with the help of the hands of the Apremavi team. In the several years of projects, until 2020, more than 8.5 million seedlings of native trees were planted, with the direct help of the institution. These tree seedlings have already become forests and are contributing to an increase in environmental awareness and the preservation of the Atlantic Rainforest. Each planting is first of all an act of love for nature and that is why it is so significant for environmental education.

Apremavi has always combined environmental education with the technical question of producing seedlings and planting forests. In this sense, the production of seedlings and plantations are always present in courses, field days, seminars, joint efforts and demonstrations.

Forests can be planted for various purposes, from environmental to economic ones. Apremavi has made a great effort to restore the environment and has been doing restoration and restoration works for 32 years through reforestation with native species.

Are you ready to help us make the difference?

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